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Our Story

Mission: Explore was born in 2020 with the mission to create a natural deodorant that would keep you smelling fresh while being safe enough for the entire family to use.


When I started focusing more on becoming healthier, in addition to eating healthier and starting a consistent exercise routine, I knew there were other life changes to be made. Explore was born out of concern that what I put ON my body is just as important as what I put IN my body. If I was going to stop eating toxic foods, then I should also be making the commitment to keep toxic products away from my body (because these get absorbed through the skin). Because conventional deodorants contain aluminum and aluminum have been linked to Alzheimer's and some cancers, I wanted to create something safe.

Explore is created with all natural ingredients and can be used by the entire family (adults and children). Not only do I use Explore everyday, so does my teenage son. 

Explore has literally no more than 6 simple ingredients in each deodorant. I spent a lot of time combining and testing products that will work best while giving the protection you should get from a deodorant. Explore is aluminum free and baking soda free.

I am spontaneous by nature, always with a need to Explore, hence the name Explore Natural Deodorant. I want you to also be a free spirit and explore. Take the leap and try something new.....EXPLORE!